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MAS y MAS presents Toledo's Top Talent



Mas y Mas is a non-profit organization that provides educational and enrichment opportunities for youth and young adults in Lucas County, Toledo, Ohio. We focus on developing talent in the arts, music, and much more. We also offer workshops on life skills, such as financial literacy and career planning.


The City of Toledo is facing a number of challenges, including poverty, crime, and lack of educational opportunities. These challeges are particularly acute for youth, who are disporoportionately affected by them.


Mas y Mas believes that the arts can be a powerful tool for addressing these challenges. By providing youth with opportunities to express themselves creatively, the arts can help them develop their self-esteem, build resilience, and make positive choices in their lives.

Music Class


We are requesting funding/contributions from potential donors to support our youth program. This funding would allow us to:

  • Provide more arts education classes and workshops

  • Offer more opportunities for youth to perform and exhibit their work

  • Expand our life skills programming

  • Hire additional staff


The benefits of funding our youth program would be significant. for example, the program would:

  • Help to reduce crime and violence

  • Improve academic achievement

  • Increase employment opportunities

  • Promote healthy lifestyles

  • Build a stronger community


We believe that our youth program is a valuable investment in the future of Toledo. We urge you to consider our proposal and to help us  make a difference in the lives of our youth. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. For any questions or more information please contact Us at 419-461-7296

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